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Rebeka Black as scarecrow

Rebeka had always been fascinated by scarecrows. Growing up in a small farming community, she was surrounded by fields of corn and wheat, and the sight of scarecrows amidst the crops never failed to capture her imagination. As a child, she would often spend hours wandering through the fields, admiring the handcrafted scarecrows with their tattered clothes and straw hats. But it wasn't until she stumbled upon the scarecrow in the Black family's field that her fascination turned into something else entirely.

It was a hot summer afternoon when Rebeka first laid eyes on the Black scarecrow. She had been exploring the fields as she often did, but this time she found herself drawn towards the far corner of the Black's property. As she got closer, she noticed that the scarecrow was different from the rest. Its clothes were not tattered and worn like the others, but instead, they were clean and well-maintained. Its straw hat was perched at a jaunty angle, and its painted-on features seemed to be staring right at her.

Rebeka couldn't tear her eyes away from the scarecrow. There was something about it that both intrigued and unsettled her. As she got closer, she noticed that there was a small plaque attached to the base of the scarecrow. Curiosity getting the better of her, she bent down to read it. The plaque read 'Rebeka Black.'

A shiver ran down Rebeka's spine. How could the scarecrow be named after her? She had never even met the Black family before. But as she stood back up and looked at the scarecrow once again, she noticed that the painted-on features seemed to resemble her own. Her heart started to race, and she couldn't shake the feeling of unease that was creeping over her.

From that day on, Rebeka couldn't help but feel like the scarecrow was watching her. Whenever she passed by the Black's field, she would catch glimpses of its painted-on eyes following her. She even started having nightmares about the scarecrow coming to life and chasing her through the fields.

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